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EARTH Futures works to enhance EARTH University’s overall impact in the following ways:

Research And Development Of New Solutions To Rural Challenges:

Research and development of new solutions to rural challenges:

EARTH Futures draws on the extensive expertise of its staff and of EARTH University faculty, as well as the University’s 12,000 acres spanning two distinct tropical ecosystems, to conduct action research in partnership with local communities toward the development and testing of new approaches and models that can improve rural livelihoods.



Improved Rural Livelihoods For Community Partners:

Improved rural livelihoods for community partners:

In addition to the research, development and testing of new solutions and as part of that process, EARTH Futures contributes directly to improved rural livelihoods for community partners, including small producers, family entrepreneurs, rural women and youth through solutions which help increase production and rural incomes as well as strengthen resiliency to climate change.



Robust Partnerships To Implement And Scale Solutions Globally:

Robust partnerships to implement and scale solutions globally:

EARTH Futures is also building a strong partnership network – including innovative alliances with our 2,200+ graduates in 43 countries – to complement our expertise and accelerate the implementation and scaling of tested solutions in rural communities throughout the developing world.



New Policy Approaches To Institutionalize And Accelerate Change:

New policy approaches to institutionalize and accelerate change:

Building on the results of our action research and experience in innovative leadership education approaches, EARTH Futures seeks to provide relevant and timely inputs in collaboration with public sector leaders to inform new national, regional and local policies and initiatives for rural areas that can accelerate rural transformation and sustainability.




Increased Voice And Collaboration Around New Approaches:

Increased voice and collaboration around new approaches:

EARTH Futures will share its findings tirelessly with others and also learn from peers and partners as part of our efforts to shift the conversation and build a growing movement for transformational leadership education and innovative solutions for rural areas throughout the developing world.





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