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To prepare the next generation of rural sustainability leaders on a much greater scale, changes in leadership education for rural areas are urgently needed, including far greater focus on developing problem-solving skills, values and attitudes that leaders need to succeed.

Over the last several years, EARTH has worked closely with a number of Agricultural Higher Education (AHE) institutions and networks across Latin America and Africa that are keen to evolve their leadership training, including interest to learn from and advance aspects of the EARTH model. EARTH Futures will provide increased capacity to systematize the most innovative and effective aspects of the University’s own experience, and will learn from and develop the next stage of cutting-edge leadership education approaches in partnership with like-minded institutions.

In doing this, EARTH Futures will host visiting scholars and leadership from partner organizations; employ strategies which harness the power of technology for education and learning; send colleagues to the field to support localized adoption of effective leadership education strategies; and organize global events to disseminate findings and approaches that can help transform the sector.


Partnering with African Universities to Accelerate Innovation in Agricultural Higher Education

For more than a decade, we have partnered with the African-led network of universities, RUFORUM, to support innovation in higher agricultural education on the African continent. Many vice chancellors, deans, professors and others from a number of RUFORUM member universities have visited EARTH to learn from the university’s experience, and EARTH administrators and staff have visited many of African universities sharing lessons and expertise and learning from colleagues. Currently EARTH is partnering with Gulu and Egerton universities to promote the integration of community engagement and entrepreneurial education in their programs and as part of EARTH Futures, we are exploring a new phase in the EARTH-RUFORUM partnership to do even more to accelerate innovation in agricultural higher education in the coming years.

RUFORUM: Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Africa

Continental Network of 85 universities in 35 countries

Planning session among colleagues from EARTH Futures and RUFORUM at the RUFORUM Secretariat in Uganda, September 2018.

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